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Category: Green Tea

Origin: JAPAN, Kyoto Prefecture, Uji City

Cultivar: Samidori

Quantity: 30g per can

Harvest: Spring (April-May)

Other: conditioned in a vacuum can with an oxygen scavenger pad



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Matcha made in Uji have the best reputation as Matcha has been produced and developed in this precise location for centuries. This reputation makes them highly valued and priced.

However, organically grown Matcha in Uji are rare and most of the time for export, made of secondary cultivars not being the most suited for high end products. As such, those would usually be of culinary grade (acceptable for cooking, mixed with sugars and cream).

High end matchas are not bitter and are easy to drink. This has proved to be a challenge for organic plantations as organic fertilization is pricey and difficult.

This is why MANDARACHA spent a lot of time to carefully select the farmers and the products in order to offer wonderful products at an affordable price.


This Matcha is made in the heart of Uji city and 100% from the Kyoto Samidori cultivar, which was developed for Matcha.


All high quality matcha are produced using the spring harvested tea and shaded for a minimum of 20 days before being picked. The plantation is young and one of the rare of its kind. We have been blessed to have access to this kind of product that exists only in limited quantity.


The result is beyond expectation and will only improve with time, when the tea trees are growing older. As expected, there is no bitterness and the taste is balanced, with a high drinkability. 


Given its rarity and its quality, this is our top range product. 


This matcha is soft, with a layer of depth in the mouthfeel and is longer lasting. It does not contain bitterness or astringency. This has been selected by design as our second top product both by its quality and rarity. 


The package is one of the best that can be found. The product is packed in a vacuum can and with an oxygen absorber pad. The label is made of washi paper, making it a perfect gift for your loved ones.



  • Use 3g (0.10 oz) of matcha powder in a bowl. We recommend to sieve the powder with a screen to avoid the formation of lumps.
  • Pour slowly 120ml of water at 80°C (176°F)
  • Whisk (preferably with a Chazen) until it foams


For a cold preparation, follow the same procedure as above but use cold or room temperature water instead.