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We value our partners (suppliers, collaborators, corporate clients)

with whom we share common values and thrive together to deliver the best possible experiences.

This non-exhaustive list includes the companies and people we have pride working with. 


おちゃらか (お茶)

Our partner for our flavoured teas and our great friends in every situation.

Pioneers in Japanese tea flavouring as well as using wine glasses the French way for serving classy cold-brewed Japanese teas.



桐谷純子 (芸術)

Junko Kiritani is a wonderful ceramic artist with a unique style who instills life in her creations.

With a long history of creating timeless objects, she is also famous outside Japan having exhibiting many years in the Maison-Atelier of the late Japanese Artist Leonard Fujita.


悦納 - Injoy (精進料理)

悦納の精進料理は、いわゆるヴィーガンと呼ばれる動物性由来の食材を使用しない菜食の中でも、さらに純浄な、より厳選水準の高いお食事を提供しております。. お客様が見た目にも、そして味わいにも満足していただけるように、純粋な食材と繊細な手仕事、精進の精神で真心を込めたおもてなしをさせて頂きます。


What3words (アップ)

what3words is a technology that divided the world into small squares defined by a unique combination of 3 words, making it easy to find and share exact locations.
Mandaracha was one of the earliest adopters of this technology in Japan.


Mymizu (アップ)

Let's reduce the plastic usage and carbon footprint by refilling your water bottle for free at any of the refill points on the MyMizu App. MANDARACHA is a refill point in Kyoto. Guess what? Our water that we use for our teas is one of the best you can find in town!

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