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2月18日(土)朝9時半から、KBS京都の谷口流々に曼荼羅茶が出演します!メインキャストはタレント、ラジオDJでもある谷口キヨコさんです! 番組概要 流流とは流派によるそれぞれのやり方。流儀。物事は種々様々であること。京都を中心に活躍する人々の仕事現場に谷口キヨコが潜入!今、京都で輝く人物の流儀!それぞれが歩んできた十人十色の人生哲学を紐解く番組です!番組の最後に谷口キヨコがゲストを表す言葉を披露します! 曼荼羅茶のコンセプトや私達のライフスタイルを紹介する機会を与えてくださった谷口さんに感謝いたします☆ 曼荼羅茶に素敵なゲストをお迎えすることが出来て光栄です! MANDARACHA was aired on KBS Kyoto TV on February 18th at 9:30AM in the program called Taniguchi Ryuryu. The host is the DJ/Radio and TV talent Ms. Kiyoko Taniguchi. The program is called Taniguchi Ryuryu, “Ryuryu” being the method of each school style. Kiyoko Taniguchi visits the workplace of people who are active in Kyoto. It is a program that unravels the ten different life philosophies that each person has walked. At the end of the program, Kiyoko Taniguchi writes the words that describe the guest of the day. A big thank you to Ms. Taniguchi for giving us the opportunity to talk about lifestyle as well as the concept of MANDARACHA. It was an honour to receive such a wonderful guest in our place.

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